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How it started



The start

Since its founding, the National Housing Company (NHC) has developed strategies and pillars that contribute to the transformation of the housing sector in Saudi Arabia during its founding year and inclusion under the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing as an investment arm for initiatives and projects in the real estate, residential, and commercial sectors, as it succeeded in addressing significant challenges and examining the needs to introduce a new housing concept improves the quality of life.



Transfer the company's ownership to goverment property

The NHC entered a new phase when it came under state ownership in early 2020 as part of the local and regional investment work in line with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 program; however, it took the role of humanizing cities and improving individual living conditions by introducing excellent housing projects in several cities throughout the Kingdom, such as Al-Khayala Suburb in Jeddah and Murcia suburb in Riyadh.


nhc today

NHC Today

With more than five years of excellent performance, the NHC has proven its role in managing and adapting the challenges to act in its strategic interest. From then on, it has had a continuous impact that contributed to improving the services of the housing sector for Saudi families and achieving our country's ambitions of raising the homeownership rate to 70%.

National housing

Strategy meets Vision 2030

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NHC Strategy

The NHC aims to be a key enabler and investment influencer in transforming the housing sector into a leading benchmark in achieving citizens' aspirations by providing integrated housing solutions based on sustainability and quality of life standards, which contributes to spreading new horizons in reaching sustainability for the company business and the real estate supply approach.


NHC's Role in Vision 2030

In light of its role in developing the national social and economic life, the NHC is committed to launching community initiatives, creating quality projects, forming long-term strategic partnerships, bringing in competencies, and localizing modern technologies. These efforts contribute to supporting local content and achieving the objectives of Vision 2030.

NHC Subsidiaries


National Housing Services Company

The National Housing Services Company was established in 2017 by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing to facilitate and accelerate business and investment growth in the Kingdom's housing sector. The National Housing Services Company works to realize the ambitions and initiatives of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs across all aspects of the housing sector.


National Asset Management Company

It is supervised by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing. The National Asset Management Company's objective is to improve the quality of asset management services in the Kingdom by forming strategic partnerships with customers and asset management service providers. The National Asset Management Company aims to create a modern, integrated system that drives innovation and growth.

خدمات التمويل

National Finance Services Company

The National Finance Services Company was established in 2019 in response to the need to meet the growing demand for real estate financing in the Kingdom. The company's establishment is a key enabler of Vision 2030, which aims to increase homeownership rates and stimulate economic growth.

Statement By

Chief Executive Office

nhc ceo

Mohammed Bin Saleh Albuty

Our wise leadership reaffirms its keenness to create a sustainable environment driven by the Saudi Vision 2030. We at the National Housing Company (NHC) perceive the national roles played by the various organizations and sectors as we act towards achieving the Saudi Vision Objectives through the housing program by increasing the housing supply to meet the needs and aspirations of Saudi families following the highest standards that lead to the highest levels of quality of life.
Through our five-year journey, we strived to enrich the real estate market with significant projects that cover large areas and make a change within Saudi society by providing quality options and building life systems by building integrated communities that include meeting the needs of Saudi families and offer them an ideal model for modern housing, as we seek to expand our business to cover all regions of the Kingdom, and to achieve our goal of increasing the real estate supply.
We at National Housing Company NHC, reaffirm our commitment to further improve the real estate sector as a leading sector that contributes to the development of the national economy, diversifying sources of income and supporting local content by constantly empowering the private sector to enhance the capabilities of real estate developers and service providers and provide investment options for owners, by improving the business environment, overcoming penalties and emphasizing the importance of partnerships.
National Housing Company NHC not only developed suburbs and communities but also launched several supportive initiatives to enhance the Kingdom's economic transformation goals to bring growth and become the largest worldwide and a source of prosperity for the country and its citizens. The initiatives aimed to support local content by transforming the private sector to develop Real estate, qualifying and developing promising national capabilities, localizing industry in the real estate sector to support national industries in the areas of construction and building, empowering small and medium enterprises, in addition to enhancing public financial sustainability and developing the non-oil domestic product.

We will advance and forge ahead in developing the real estate sector, contributing to the development and achieving prosperity within the Saudi economy. Our leadership's unprecedented and visionary support has achieved a comprehensive urban renaissance through real estate projects and housing complexes. We will harness our capabilities to contribute to achieving the goals of the Housing Program, one of Saudi Vision 2030 Realization Programs that aim to increase the number of homeownership for Saudi families by up to 70%, looking forward to building a brighter future.

Investment & Development
Real Estate Investment
The investment front of NHC that develops and conducts real estate development strategies by attracting and completing investment opportunities in the Saudi real estate market to achieve the company's objectives and enhance its investment activities.
Land Development
The sector specializes in the execution and development of infrastructure for all residential projects to create high-quality, long-term residential communities.
Real Estate Development
Serving as the executive foundation for the NHC's leadership and development goals, aligned with beneficiaries and market needs, in collaboration with the private sector. Furthermore, it focuses on marketing and selling Sakani products.
Partnerships and Real Estate Development Operations
Partnerships with the private sector in real estate development operations are vital in providing numerous housing solutions directly correlated with citizens' needs and buying power, in line with the company's objectives of addressing the rising demand for housing and increasing the number of owners.
General Administration for developed Self-construction
The administration aims to meet beneficiaries' expectations through a diverse range of housing solutions in cooperation with government entities and private firms to improve the efficiency of self-construction services and increase beneficiaries' trust in them.
Commercial Development
NHC is committed to broadening commercial activities in Saudi Arabia by pursuing all avenues that contribute to developing commercial services and strategic partnerships with relevant parties to create a pioneering and sustainable sector.
Affordable Housing
The Affordable Housing is an initiative launched by Developmental Housing to support and enable the families most in need to own homes. It provides housing units to beneficiaries, under the support of the Ministry of Labor and in collaboration with the non-profit sector and Social Development.

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