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Rakaez Program

عن برنامج ركائز
About Rakaez Program

Rakaez Program

A program that represents initiatives and goals, supporting and enhancing local content in the real-estate sector, through several initiatives aimed at preserving the money spent within the Kingdom, building a sustainable national economy, and enhancing local capabilities to maximize national purchasing power.
اهداف ركائز

RAKAEZ Objectives

RAKAEZ Objectifies: Supporting local factories Contributing to production growth Localizing industries Supporting SMEs. Supporting local cadres.

Rakaez Program

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Local Factories

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Local training institutions

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SME registered and qualified through the procurement portal

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Business transaction amount with SME’s
Mawad portal
Mawad Platform

A private platform that connects contractors and real estate developers with local factories and approved suppliers, with the aim of facilitating the process of purchasing materials and stabilizing price Fluctuation.


Local Factory or Supplier Approved Material. Identify Capacity.


Factory – Supplier – Real-estate Developer – Contractor

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Waad program
About Waad

An integrated development program that aims to invest in the development of the next generation of recent graduates, through on-the-job training in a group of different programs that support the educational process and enrich practical experience with the aim of preparing them for the working field.


Saudi Nationality Surpass interviews Graduation Date should not be more than two years. Collage Major to be of the specified Majors. Graduation Degree to be no less than 2.5/4 or 3.75/5

WAED Benefits

Monthly Compensation
Graduation Compensation Medical Insurance Specialized Training Job Training under qualified supervision.

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supporting modern construction techniques

Support Local fabricators of building technology to work on NHC Projects, in the purpose of raising efficiency, localize fabrication, and transfer knowledge.


Comply to NHC needs and standers

Targeted category

Factories Investors

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Empowering SEM'S
About the Initiatives

Support SME’s by awarding and direct collaborations.


Obtain JADEER Certificate

Targeted Categories
financing and supporting local investments
Support Local Investments

Supporting cooperation with government agencies, local banks, and Fintech companies, with the aim of providing opportunities to request financing to facilitate business.

support SME’s and Real-estate Developers to obtain financing in the aim of broadening Business.
Financing for material purchase through MAWAD Platform

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