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Al-Wajeha Suburb

Dammam، Eastern Region

It is designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. The residential units are built using cutting-edge structural models that apply the highest levels of sustainability. The area offers a variety of housing alternatives, including townhouses, flats, and villas, with varying layouts and spaces to suit diverse needs. The suburb also has various amenities and facilities, such as schools, mosques, and parks.

Al-Wajeha Suburb

Al-Wajeha Suburb

Located at the western entrance to the city of Dammam in strategic location on the Dammam-Riyadh Highway.


Residential units


Suburb area
Al-Wajeha Suburb in numbers

Suburb facilities

  • Baby daycare0
    Baby daycare
  • Health center0
    Health center
  • Police station0
    Police station

Suburb projects

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