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Al-Dar Suburb

Medina Almunawara، Medina

It is located in a strategic spot in the center of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah. It offers a variety of modern and sustainable housing units, focusing on sustainability in its design. The suburb also provides integrated services, various facilities, and many parks and green gardens.

Al-Dar Suburb

Al-Dar Suburb

It is located 7 km from the Prophet's Mosque, 2 km from Quba Mosque, 6 km from Al-Haramain Train Station, and about 4 km from King Fahd Central Park.


Residential units


Suburb area
Al-Dar Suburb in numbers

Suburb facilities

  • Baby daycare0
    Baby daycare
  • Health center0
    Health center
  • Police station0
    Police station

Suburb projects

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